Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the body that is responsible for acting on behalf of the membership in carrying out the purposes of the organization. As stated in the CCSU-AAUP Constitution, the objectives of the organization “shall be to promote the professional and economic interests of the CCSU faculty. CCSU-AAUP shall work with CSU-AAUP and shall follow and implement the policies and standards recommended by the national AAUP wherever possible and appropriate. In cooperation with CSU-AAUP, CCSU-AAUP shall provide fair and adequate representation through collective bargaining and grievance procedures to all members of the faculty. Special efforts shall be made to ensure that all segments of the faculty gain equity through the bargaining process. CCSU-AAUP shall encourage research, cultural activities and other intellectual pursuits in concert with students and administrators.”

The Executive Committee is comprised of the four officers, past president, two delegates-at-large, six Council Representatives to the CSU-AAUP Council and one Council Alternate. Elections take place in the spring semester and all active members of the chapter are eligible to run for office. All of the officers serve two-year terms. The Executive Committee meets monthly during the academic year.

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