Other Committees

Your interest, energy and expertise are needed to guide CCSU-AAUP in the future. While the professional staff assists and supports the work of CCSU-AAUP officers, representatives and committee members, it is the faculty themselves who set the priorities and work towards these goals. You are the union and getting involved in CCSU-AAUP helps the union to function more effectively as your collective bargaining agent and professional organization.

There is a variety of ways for you to get involved. If you have questions or have other ideas on how to assist the union, please contact the CCSU-AAUP Chapter President, Mary Ann Mahony.

There are three Standing Committees of the Executive Committee as stated by the Constitution:

Contract Administration and Grievance Committee: The Contract Administration and Grievance Committee is  responsible for implementation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement; processing grievances of the members; identifying and advising the Executive Committee and membership of general trends and issues in grievances; and maintaining records on grievances and contract issues. Chapter grievances, which are filed on behalf of the entire membership, are drafted and filed by the Committee Chairperson when so directed by the Executive Committee.

Legislative Committee: The Legislative Committee is responsible for communicating with the members and the CSU-AAUP Political Committee on statewide political matters; building and maintaining relationships with legislators in the central Connecticut region; and gathering recommendations from the membership regarding political endorsements.

Collegiality Committee: The Collegiality Committee is responsible for promoting collegiality between members; encouraging positive relationships between students, faculty, administration, staff and the academic community-at-large; identifying and advising the Executive Committee and membership of collegial, social and cultural opportunities.

If you are interested in running for an elected position or would like to participate on one of the three standing committees, please contact Caryl Schiff-Greatorex at (860) 832-3791.

The CCSU-AAUP Part-time Advisory Committee handles matters concerning the employment and working conditions of the part-time professoriate and works towards strengthening communication among and disseminating information to part-time faculty. The committee believes that through on-going dialogue with university administrators, full-time faculty, and the AAUP, part-time faculty create opportunities to become more fully integrated into the life of the university and thus more fully contribute to its teaching and academic excellence. With the union’s support, the committee has worked to establish part-time faculty representation on the Faculty Senate, direct deposit of part-time faculty paychecks, inclusion of part-time faculty into the 403b retirement plan, part-time faculty orientation at the beginning of every Fall semester, and increased recognition of part-time faculty into the campus community. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Michelle Malinowski at (860) 832-3790 or at malinowskim@ccsu.edu.

Department Liaisons are established by the Constitution. Liaisons are selected annually in September from each department or comparable unit to serve as a liaison to the President and the Executive Committee. Liaisons are also responsible for:

  • Distributing newsletters and notices within their departments
  • Answering questions and listening to complaints of their colleagues
  • Referring colleagues to appropriate AAUP officers and staff
  • Seeking faculty opinions, attitudes and ideas and passing them on to the chapter officers and staff
  • Encouraging legislative contacts when necessary
  • Those who are interested in serving as department liaisons should contact their department chairperson.

Political Action: To further its mission of advancing academic freedom and shared governance, the AAUP works with state officials to promote effective higher education legislation, enhance the profession, and publicize the values of a CSU education. When issues of importance to AAUP members come before the General Assembly, AAUP e-mails alerts to the membership urging you to take action. Sending an email to legislators takes only minutes. While AAUP’s collective voice is strong, it is imperative that all members take individual action if we hope to succeed. If you are not receiving action alerts, please contact Ellen Benson at (860) 832-3793.