Other Publications

CCSU-AAUP Publications

An Overview of Your AAUPA brochure briefly explaining CSU-AAUP’s obligations, member benefits and how dues/fees are used.

Department Liaisons– A guide for department liaisons to local, state and national AAUP structure

Getting It All Together: Your Promotion & Tenure File – Advice on creating your Promotion & Tenure file for:





Part-time Faculty: Rights & Benefits in the Connecticut State University System 2012 – a handbook for the CCSU part-time members explaining their rights and benefits under the current contract

CSU-AAUP Publications

CSU-AAUP: Understanding Your Union – A Guide for Our Members on CSU-AAUP’s History and Structure

Protecting Your Rights: Academic Freedom

Protecting Your Rights: Grievances

Protecting Your Rights: Political Advocacy

CSU-AAUP Report: Working Conditions of CSU Part-Time Faculty 2005 – a report on the demographics, working conditions and major concerns of part-time faculty in the CSU System

National AAUP Publications

AcademeAcademe is the bimonthly magazine of the National AAUP. It analyzes higher education issues from faculty members’ perspectives. The magazine begins with an incisive round-up of news affecting professors. Feature articles examine tenure, affirmative action, part-time faculty appointments, distance education, intellectual property, and other timely academic issues. Investigative reports on violations of academic freedom and tenure are regular components. Columns cover legal trends, legislative developments, and new scholarly books.

National AAUP Policy Documents and StatementsWidely regarded as an authoritative source on sound academic practice, the AAUP’s Policy Documents and Reports, also known as the Redbook, contains the Association’s major policy statements. A selection of policy statements is available online.

Other Publications

The Adjunct Advocate is a bimonthly magazine featuring articles of interest to part-time faculty.